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The Lorpen R&D team has a clear mission: “to design and build the best technical socks in the world” Being THE ESPECIALISTS in technical socks drives us in that direction, and being designers and manufacturers of our own socks (not just marketers of a brand), we have the knowledge and insight to achieve that goal. Lorpen has been able to expand sock technology from what was existing in the market. We have set two new texhnology levels not existing before, two levels only achievable with Lorpen’s knitting technology level: T3 and T3+

TEPAP- TREKKING & EXPEDITION POLARTEC®/PRIMALOFT® T3+ with Polartec®…. more than a sock Two layers of Polartec® Power Stretch® fabric sandwiching Primaloft® Footwear Insulation, in a left and right foot anatomical shape put these socks on the cutting edge of warmth technology. Tested above 8.000 meters these socks are as good as it gets.

Lorpen is the only sock brand in the world that manufactures a technical sock made with Polartec® fabrics. From ultralight and light ski socks engineered with multiple fabric layers for skiers looking for a high level of fit performance, to the most technical extreme expedition sock, sandwiching Primaloft® Insulation between Polartec® layers in the foot area that is most exposed to the cold, these represent the answers to the most technical requirements for outdoor activity today. It is more than a sock.




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